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精靈寶寶系列・ Smart Kidz小提琴班


Smart Kidz小提琴班 (4歲以上)

* 每本書共2期,每期10堂


  • 創新教法:把小提琴G、D、A、E的空弦人象化,加深小朋友印象

  • 拉弓方法:教授上弓、下弓、分弓和連弓,使彈奏歌曲時有更多變化

  • 循序漸進:從遊戲和故事中,先學習小提琴的構造和空弦,再加插不同的節奏和彈奏方式

  • 名曲教學:利用小朋友熟悉的古典名曲教學,令他們更投入課堂


Course introduction

Smart Kidz Violin (Age: 4 years old or above)
(50 mins per lesson)

The course will introduce the fundamental posture and 4 strings. Children will also learn music theory, note reading, rhythm and solfege. 

  • Creative learning: Teaching string G, D, A, E that are represented by 4 different characters

  • Bowing: Upper bow, lower bow, slur bow and separate bow

  • Step by step: Teaching violin’s texture and strings firstly, followed by understanding different rhythms and performing skills

  • Classical music: Make use of popular classical music in order to build up children's interest of the lessons

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